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Coronal Enlargement

A surgical procedure in which the gum is removed and in some cases, principally because of caries, tissues surrounding the gum as well, for the purpose of adequately-sealed restoration.


Regeneration of Intraosseous Defects

In some cases where there has not been good hygiene, the bone around the teeth is lost, and one form of solving this problem is a surgical procedure which consists in cleaning the bacteria and installing regenerative biomaterials.


Dental Implants

When a tooth is lost, one of the best modern ways of replacing it is with a dental implant, in which a specialized type of titanium screws are placed into the bone to substitute for the dental root, in order to screw a crown into the dental implant later on.


Third Molar Surgery

The extraction of third molars, wisdom teeth, is a surgical procedure which is recommended because the hygiene of these molars is often difficult due to their bad placement.


Maxilary Sinus Elevation

In some cases when the upper molars are extracted and, with the passage of time, there is very little bone which is needed for an implant, there is still the possibility of raising the maxillary sinus to recoup a good quantity of bone and thus place a dental implant. This consists in making a small window inside the mouth in the zone where the implant must be placed, and entering the maxillary sinus, in order to place the bone graft later.


Alveolar Ridge Preservation

When for some reason a tooth or molar has to be extracted, one of the recommended procedures is to fill the space that the roots leave with synthetic bone to avoid the tissues collapsing.

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